When there's nothing left to lose... (glitterboy4519) wrote in nederland,
When there's nothing left to lose...

An email I -tried- to write in Dutch...


I wrote an email the other day in Dutch. The recipient was a native German speaker, so she understood what I WANTED to say, but I've no idea how many errors I made, or of what type.

So, would you please read the email (about 4 sentences, hehe) and let me know how you would change it and why?

Ja, onze grappen waren zouuuu jolig! En men kunnen niet begrijpen wat we hebben geschreven... Zelfs niet het Vader Mike met zijn SUPERGOED DUITS!

Ja, ik ben aan het werk, maar als je kunnt kijken, werk ik nou niet zoweel :P lol

Wat maak je, schat?? Ik ook mis jou!!!

[What I meant to say...]

Yeah, our jokes were soooo funny! And they couldn't even understand what we wrote... Even Father Mike with his SUPERGOOD GERMAN!

Ja, I'm at work, but as you can see, I'm not working too hard right now :P lol

What are you doing, love? I miss you too!!!


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