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The Netherlands Antilles - a last reserve of the Colonialism.

There is erroneous view, that a current events in the rest of the colonial system - in Netherlands Antilles are not worthy of attention.
To understand the importance of the issue, it is necessary to look at the map. Curacao, which is the largest island of the Netherlands Antilles is located 80 km from the coast of Venezuela. There are United States Air Force bases on Aruba and Curaçao which are situated there according a treaty between the Netherlands and USA. It is easy to understand that because of their geographical location, these islands are the best strategic base for the preparation and conduct of possible invasion to Venezuela and other South American countries.

On May 15th 2009, at the Curaçao island will held a referendum, which the main issue will be an agreement, that had concluded between the local puppet Administration and The Hague. This agreement nullifies an autonomy of the island. The moderate opposition in Curaçao opposed the agreement, but considered it premature to nominate a slogan of full independence.
These politicians are afraid and distrust the masses, because the reliance on the masses may prevent their backstage maneuvers. At this moment this situation is quite acceptable for the USA - the main actor in the play. The United States would like the independence for the Dutch Antilles, but such "independence", which really, in fact, would constitute a change from one colonial owner to another. Already during the World War II, Washington offered to Netherlands, that had been occupied by Nazis to buy back these islands (by analogy with the purchase United States from Denmark Danish Virgin Islands for $ 25 million in 1917). But Holland denied a request. Naturally, the Americans fear any uncontrolled processes, public people movement, and most importantly, international attention to this situation. Indeed, that may disrupt their dirty game, their behind-the-scenes deals, graft, blackmail and more.

Should we, aware of these circumstances, deny from the support of a fair right of Antilles islands people to secede from the metropolis?
We think - NO! We must end to remains of colonialism in the XXI century (not only in the Caribbean, but also in Oceania). The main thing is that the movement for the real independence must grow and become strength from "bottom". This movement must be take away from dirty hands of mercenary politicians. Enormous importance will be have the broad international solidarity campaign. Its consequences will affect that the ruling circles of the Netherlands and the United States will be greatly restricted in their freedom of maneuver. But the main thing is that this campaign will give strength and courage for the people of Curaçao and the Antilles in their fair struggle for independence.

Dmitriy Kremnev.
liberte-ou-mort (dog)

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