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Dutch Speaking Flight Attendant

I got this today from Delta, if anyone wants to become a flight attendant (and feels confident in their Dutch!) this sounds like a great opportunity. Unfortunately, my own Dutch is very rusty and I'm tethered to school right now.

Having found your resume on Monster, we are very interested in speaking with you immediately regarding a position as a Flight Attendant with Delta Air Lines. We are in the last week of recruiting Dutch speakers, so we will need you to begin immediately if you are interested.

Delta is greatly expanding international service in the spring of 2008, and Dutch speakers are needed IMMEDIATELY. No other experience is necessary, all training is provided, and the position comes with extensive worldwide travel privileges everywhere Delta flies.

All Dutch-speaking candidates will be fast-tracked, so please begin the process by going to the following web site:
If you are interested, please follow the instructions to begin the application process.

Candidates with your unique language skills are needed immediately, so please begin by visiting the above web site within the next 24 hours.

We would also greatly appreciate if you would forward this email to any other Dutch speakers who might be interested, for immediate consideration.

We very much look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you in advance,
Delta Air Lines

Please do not respond to this email - all applicants must respond through
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